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Marius the giraffe murdered
Copenhagen zoo 2014 murdered healthy ,2 year old Marius the giraffe . The principal reasen  being the zoo was not filling it's quota of profits because  although they said it was :scientific research (sound familiar ? Japanese say the same thing while hunting endangered blue whale and minke whales)
They fed Marius's poor body to the lions . The giraffe was an endangered species. As most species of giraffe now are. Since then the zoo has killed 2 more giraffes. They wouldn't let any other zoo have Marius even though 20,000 people signed the petition to save him and other zoos offered to take him. They would rather feed him to the lions. 
This will happen again and unless  somethig changes.
Send your email /letter and protest to the sick ,crule ,unhuman people at the Copenhagen zoo and Government of Denmar  who are feeding these poor , defencles animals to the lions .
 should feed those monster zoo people to the lions.

50 % of the 9 spicies of giraffe in the wild never make it to adalthood. There is one spicies of giraffe that only has  500 mimbers  left. help more giraffes who will meet Marius's fait. Send your email now!
Fema train
Look up

Look up: fema trains 

Look up video: fema trains ready shackles included 

Government  is wating to get the go ahead to do this thing to us. Look it up .
The american  government is buying these trains from China . Look it up it's self explanatory.
stop the krang!
For the contest  that  Donatellosgirl36 is having .

A scene from : chapter 9 -the order of chaos 
I wouldn't be here without my dad so HAPPY BIRTHDAY DAD!

Feel free to wish my dad happy birthday!


United States
I co created Vinny the fifth turtle with my brother gov, if you want to check out his official site go to


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When someone asks to join it will say: yes / no 
And you can choose or will also do that with art.

You can invite friends too if you want to. Just go to the group and click on the button that says : invite a friend.
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Okay. :)
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Just make sure nothing naked or too gory or bloody or sick gets in the group. We don't want it to be a grotesque group we just want it to be fun and cool
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